Joseph Kraft

MD-Board Certified Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

Dr. Joseph Kraft originally trained in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and has been practicing Emergency Medicine for over 20 years. He has practiced all over Texas, in Connecticut, and has been involved in medical mission work in Haiti for over 14 years.

Dr. Kraft strives to keep God and family first. His diverse interests include photography, fishing, woodworking, international adoption, traveling and constantly inventing ways to improve medical devices and make life better!

Dr. Kraft and his wife, Cindy, have 9 children and one grandchild – who rocks this world!

I love working here at CapRock ER because I get to work in a great state-of-the-art facility, with the very best nurses and staff, and I get to spend the necessary time with each patient and their family to truly make a difference in their lives. It is more than just "healthcare", it is real patient care.