About Caprock

With its inception as a 24-Hour Emergency room in College Station, Texas, CapRock Health was founded out of an ardent desire to change the face of healthcare in our community. Now with two urgent care facilities, a 24-Hour ER, and a hospital with ER, CapRock Health provides an unparalleled and truly patient-centered care experience through:

  • State-of-the-art facilities with technology and architecture designed to maximize patient healing and family friendliness
  • Diagnosis and direction by the best ER specialists (CapRock 24-Hour ER & CapRock Hospital)
  • Care by the best ER nurses who have an average of ten years of experience in trauma centers (CapRock 24-Hour ER & CapRock Hospital)
  • Financial and customer care services that simplify billing and insurance processes


Leading with the approach that progress and innovation do not have a finish line, at CapRock Health, we’re not satisfied that we’ve set the standard for patient-centered care, we continue to…

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With CapRock Health, our limitless vision is of a faster, more efficient, and more patient-centered revolution in acute care delivery, where patients are treated in a dignified and inviting environment…

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Community Compassion Respect Integrity Quality Innovation


Dr. Young hugged me, answered my every insane, unintelligent, repetitive question with humility and patience. Dr. Young assured me he would stay with us however long it took, that he was there for us and was at our beck and call. They called us the day after we were released to check on our child, THEN, YALL. I got this note in the mail. I JUST CANT QUIT BAWLING. Caprock is AMAZING and I want to marry them.

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